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Fouga Magister - An Irish Perspective sample pages


Chapter 1 What's in a Name? - describes the development of the Fouga Magister in France, the takeover of Fouga by Potez and the failed attempt by potez to start an aircraft manufacturing business in Ireland during the 1960s.

Chapter 2 First Encounter - tells the story of the attack on Irish troops serving as UN peacekeepers in the Congo in 1961 by a lone Fouga of the fledling Katangan Air Force and the subsequent embargo on further Fouga magisters being supplied to the break away province of Katanga.

Chapter 3 Replacing the Vampire - looks at the various options that were considered when the Irish Air Corps had a requirement to replace their aging De havilland Vampire jet trainers during the 1970s, the subsequent purchase of six Fouga Magisters, four of which were ex-austrian air force machines and in an ironic twist,two from the batch that were originally destined for Katanga in 1961!

Chapter 4 Flying the Fouga - provides a first hand account by pilots that flew the Fouga in irish Air Corps service, of what it was like to fly this aircraft.

Chapter 5 The Silver Swallows Story- traces the history of the Irish Air Corps display team that became famouse throughout Ireland and abroad during the 1980s and 1990s. The Silver Swallows were awarded the prestigious Lockheed Martin Cannestra trophy for the best display by an overseas display team at the 1997 Royal International Air Tattoo at Fairford in the UK.

Chapter 6 Maintaining the Fouga - provides a detailed description of the airframe with over 100 photos and scale drawings.

Chapter 7 Wind-down and Replacement - describes the withdrawl from service of the Fouga Magister and the various options that were looked at before the Pilartus PC-9m was chosen as a worthy successor to the Fouga in Irish Air Corps service.

Philip Avonds - Scale Jets All of the scale drawings and colour profiles in this book are based on original drawings by Philip Avonds with additions by Radu Brinzan. Mr. Avonds is a former pilot with the Belgian Air Force with approximately 150 flying hours on the Fouga and is a leading expert on the Fouga Magister airframe and systems. He has created a 1:4.5 scale flying model of the Fouga that won the Jet World Masters Competition in the 13.5 Kg class, held in Dayton, Ohio in 2011. Much of his success was based on the extreme accuracy of the model as a result of over a decade of extensive research and development work. The scale drawings in this book reflect his dedication. Please take the time to check out his magnificent Fouga and other jet models at

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